Friday, June 1, 2012

'I need to kill something' - a column for Shotgun Life

Oh, bad, bad me - I've gone and written a provocative headline again.

So what's this one about?

There are things hunters will say to each other that they won't say to most non-hunters because they know fellow hunters understand what they mean.

Today's column in Shotgun Life is about what it really means when I say, "I need to kill something." Hint: Killing is entirely secondary.

If you're on LinkedIn and a member of its Hunters and Anglers group, you can join a discussion on the topic (oh yeah, I've already been chastised for writing this piece). Or you can leave a comment on the Shotgun Life page via Facebook.

© Holly A. Heyser 2012


  1. Glad to see you're still "out there" and writing, Holly. I'll let you know when I get a rezzie up North, and we can all have a moment in the mud.

  2. En mi País España, no es posible pronunciar esa frase "tengo que matar a alguien", ni en broma, pues tal vez te puede doler la cabeza y aún más si el oyente la malinterpreta y tú eres cazador con arma de fuego.

  3. Alectorix: Creo que Ted Nugent recientemente se encontró con el mismo problema aquí.

    Richard, boy would I love to be in the marsh right now!

  4. Hay veces que la radio está mal sintonizada y se oyen interferencias, pero bueno, "dialogando se entiende la gente".