Saturday, September 1, 2012

California's see-sawing dove seasons - a column in Shotgun Life

It's the dove opener today in California, and probably in most other states with a dove season as well, and wanna know what I did this morning? I slept in.

Yes, it's true. I wasn't there for the thunder at dawn - our morning hunt plans fell through. Wah!

But we'll hunt the afternoon, and I can't wait, because I've been wondering all summer what it's gonna be this year: awful, like last year? Epic like the year before? Something in between?

You can check out my prediction in my latest column in Shotgun Life. If you've been out after doves already today, be sure to weigh over there (you can comment on that site with your Facebook sign-in) and let me know if I was right or dead wrong.

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