Friday, November 2, 2012

The danger of getting your hopes up - a column in Shotgun Life

When you get a primo invitation to a primo spot on the duck opener, it is really, really hard to contain your excitement. How could it be anything but lights-out shooting?

Then when the day comes, and you don't hear a single duck on your walk to the blind, you snap back to reality pretty quickly.

And what happens next is something you'll never forget.

© Holly A. Heyser 2012


  1. Dear Holly,
    I am very surprised about your love for haunting ducks. I want to tell you that here in Argentina, where I live, there a lot of lakes and rivers to make the type of haunt that you love.
    I suggest you that you should come here to the Nor-West of Buenos Aires, there you might find a variety of ducks. I look forward to your reply soon, Best wishes, Alberto.

  2. PS: I don't know if your name is Holly, so I would be grateful if you could tell what is your name. Thank you