Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Democrats and Republicans Shootin' 'Em Up Together - a video for California Waterfowl

Yep, sometimes for my job, I get to spend the afternoon at the shooting range! But don't get too jealous - when you're shooting video, you don't really have much time to play with guns.

But this was a fun little video. Sportsmen's groups do this event every year where we bring California lawmakers and their staffs out to my own favorite range, the Cordova Shooting Center, for a little trap and skeet shooting. Click play on the short video below to see why.

And check out the nice double at 0:34 - beautiful follow-through on the second shot. That's Tracey Fremd, one of our past board members who served on California Waterfowl's legislative/policy committee. She's the one who first got me hooked up with CWA as a volunteer seven years ago!

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