Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Judgment anticipated, unexpected and otherwise - a column for Shotgun Life

I must be a very judgmental person, because I constantly expect to be judged, especially when it comes to hunting.

I got an interesting lesson on that very topic when I went on a tour last month with a group made mostly of bird watchers. You can check it out in my latest column in Shotgun Life.

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  1. "I am emphatically neither anti-hunting nor anti-hunter. I have hunted before and happily would again, though I can’t ever see hunting constituting more than a vanishingly small percentage of how I choose to interact with birds. I consider wildlife watchers, photographers, hunters, anglers, and other groups to be natural allies, not antagonists, even if there are some areas where our opinions tend to diverge. In my view, we all want the same things: healthy populations of wildlife and plenty of places to enjoy them."

    Quote above from the most excellent president of the American Birding Association, Jeff Gordon. Good article, Holly! [runs off to share it on the ABA Facebook page]

  2. Thanks for sharing that! I think because I don't regularly hang out with non-consumptive bird watchers, most of my interactions have been online with bird watchers who are pissed off about hunters and/or hunting. It's nice to be reminded that just about anything we see online is likely part of a vocal minority (myself included!).